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circle-of-hands logo2“Children are our future. There is no better way to build our future than by enlightening our youth.

My biggest passion in life has always been seen in the work I do with children. My belief is that we can always make a difference in a child’s life, no matter how big or small that difference may be. If you’re a storyteller or social worker, to the child it’s not the job title that matters, but the person beneath the title who cares for them.

I discovered my love of working with children early on. In preschool, I thought I’d want to become a doctor, but by Junior High, I knew that all that extra work and training wouldn’t be for me.

In seventh grade, I began a small career of babysitting. I would put together an activity bag with a few books and maybe some games that I would bring from my home. I’ll admit, I got this idea after a book series I loved as a child. “The Babysitters’ Club,” by Ann M. Martin, had Kid Kits.

I became so successful, that occasionally my mother would request to borrow money from me.

It was this love of caregiving for children that convinced me, by the end of the seventh grade that I wanted to become a teacher when I grew up.

Today I have assisted in preschool classrooms as well as taught Hebrew reading in Hebrew schools, and volunteered at preschools in various positions. I started a website where I blog about my hobbies in cooking and crafting, along with the occasional poem. I also began a reunion-group on Facebook several years ago to serve as a place for alumni staff and campers from a summer sleep away camp to reconnect with each other. We have about one hundred active members now.

I have a resume online, so please let me know if you are looking for a new teacher’s assistant in your preschool, or Hebrew School.

Other things I enjoy include playing tennis, taking trips and travelling, and capturing memories.

I am also interested in learning new things whenever I can. There is always a possibility in every little thing you do!

Please ask about my location and contact information using the contact form.  Please ask to see an updated version of my resume, if you are not able to view the one online.

P4P Career Academy

Child Development Associate Program – CDA Certified


CDA Certified, Computer proficient in Microsoft Office Suite 2003. Knowledge of Hebrew Language. First Aid and CPR.

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