What is the The Child Development Associate® (CDA) and who is the Council for Professional Recognition?

Who is the Council for Professional Recognition?

Who is the Council for Professional Recognition?

The mission of the council is to promote the improved performance and the recognition of early childhood education professionals who work with children from birth through five years old.  Their vision is to ensure that these professionals meet the developmental, emotional and educational needs of the children.

What is the The Child Development Associate® (CDA)?

The Council oversees the Child Development Associate® (CDA) National Credentialing Program, which is designed to assess and certify early childhood education professionals.

The Council sets the policies and procedures for the evaluation and credentialing, publishes the Competency Standards and other materials that are used for the assessment process, and administers the assessment.

Who is a CDA?

I cannot answer for everybody, but I have received my credential in August, 2014.  I am a CDA.

What does a CDA do?

As a CDA, I have the knowledge and the skills to put the Competency Standards into practice in the classroom.  I have an understanding of why the Standards help children move successfully between developmental stages.  I also have the qualifications and certifications that are necessary to establish and maintain a safe, healthy, intellectual, and supportive learning environment for children to grow.  A CDA is needed to be an Assistant Teacher or a Lead Teacher in many preschools.  It is very important to have the proper credentials.

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